Shipping your lifesaving
medicines to every customer, anywhere.
On time.

We make sure that every one one of your packages, arrives with the utmost care and lowest prices, on time, and with amazing customer support.
Wide-reaching network

Our network is vast, well-positioned to fulfill your every need.

On-time delivery

Delivering your goods on time is our responsibility, one that we take seriously.

Online Tracking

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Various service types

Everything from climate-controlled vehicles to air freight, ready for any requirement.

Active support

Always available to assist you with queries, concerns, and updates.

Cargo Insurance

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About Us

The inception of Nepal Kinetic Courier (and Cargo) in the year 1994, was as a domestic cargo courier business. Since then, we have slowly moved to provide Indo-Nepal medicine transportation solution to all our clients with a sole mission of carefully sending every package: on-time, with the utmost care, while you are satisfied and have easy access to our support staff to answer any and all of your queries.
NKCC has reached the pinnacle of being a major professional courier company, possessing the infrastructure for bulk cargo, courier consignments, air freight within India and Nepal and between them, and truck-load transportation from India to Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan; and back with a strong work force and a wide network of offices.

5000+ TONS

Delivered packeges


Professional experience

Trusted by more

than 7 clients

The largest pharmaceutical companies in Nepal
We have longstanding relationships with some of the largest Indian pharmaceutical companies in Nepal, and handle all of their shipping from the manufacturing plant, to the distributors.

Perishable Cargo

We have a fully equipped fleet with climate-controlled trucks for the medicines that require to be kept at certain temperatures. We exercise tremendous caution in every package, so you know that every package will reach your destination, safe and sound.
We can handle any variation of weight, and due to our customer-facing support staff, we will be able to cater to special requests as well as specific requirements. All while ensuring the best prices, customer support, and on-time delivery.

Valuable Cargo

We know not all cargo is created equal, but to us, every parcel is important. Given that, we still customize our services based on requests from customers all of the time, including helping out with faster delivery, handling fragile equipment professionally and carefully, and making sure that you do not have the tiniest amount of stress regarding the products, because we are on it.

Urgent Cargo

We also provide air freight services for the packages that need to be delivered urgently. While maintaining the same level of care and precision, and the same uninterrupted customer support to keep you updated on the movement of your products. We ensure that we highly prioritize the land connections of these air freight parcels so that they reach their destination as soon as possible.

The best price for you,
guaranteed, always

We make sure that you get the best prices

General frieght



Only $85 per year

Air freight



Only $165 per year




Only $120 per year

*Prices compared to average freight prices of popular cargo companies.