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NKCC provides freight services in concert with a well-established global freight and trade network, offering a single-source solution to manage and transport freight. With a team of experts supervising operations, Nepal Kinetic Courier Cargo offers the best fit solutions with its unparalleled access to a vast network of air, rail, and road transport facilities.
All of which provides our customers with faster and wider access to vital markets. With our proven expertise and experience in transportation and freight management, we have developed relations with top shipping companies and grown our network to be larger and better, ensuring the fastest delivery for the best rates.
What is more is that, with the large volumes we handle, NKCC is able to offer to customers the best rates for shipping to anywhere, from anywhere, while all of our teams in customer support, transportation partners, transportation liaisons, and transportation managers function in tandem so you are always satisfied by our services.

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General frieght

Air freight


*Prices compared to average freight prices of popular cargo companies.

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Nepal Kinetic Courier offers well-organized services to our clients, who just need to give us one call, and their transportation services start immediately. As soon as you give us details about the shipment, such as kind of transportation, weight, pick-up location, and destination; your operation begins immediately. Based on your request, we will find the optimal routing based on your request, and contact any external partners while informing our employees about the process. Your routing is delivered to our customer staff, who always have it on them in case you need any updates during the process.
Your order will be picked up when you schedule, and will transit through the system without any delays, until it reaches the customs point. Whenever your distributors/importers are ready, we will take the goods through customs, and then it will just as speedily get to the destination.
Our comprehensive menu of service Provider incorporates preparation of all necessary declarations and reporting to authorities. Furthermore it includes electronic pre-filing, customs consultancy and documentation processing as well as security sealing and certification.
Our customs clearance agents are experts in local specifications, conditions and regulations. This on-the-ground knowledge allows them to handle complete administration tasks for you swiftly and without complications.

Door to Door , Port to Port , Port to Door

We provide packaging solutions as a value add service / extension to the logistics services that we provide. We also source all types of UN specification packaging for example, drums, fibreboard boxes, wooden boxes, plastic jerrican’s and special containers for Infectious Substances, manufactured in accordance with Packaging Instruction 602. We are also provide thermal control units for dry ice shipments – as well as dry ice at very short notice. We also provide packaging solutions for machinery and odd dimensions or refrigerated cargo.

Perishable Cargo

We have a fully equipped fleet with climate-controlled trucks for the medicines that require to be kept at certain temperatures. We exercise tremendous caution in every package, so you know that every package will reach your destination, safe and sound.
We can handle any variation of weight, and due to our customer-facing support staff, we will be able to cater to special requests as well as specific requirements. All while ensuring the best prices, customer support, and on-time delivery.

Valuable Cargo

We know not all cargo is created equal, but to us, every parcel is important. Given that, we still customize our services based on requests from customers all of the time, including helping out with faster delivery, handling fragile equipment professionally and carefully, and making sure that you do not have the tiniest amount of stress regarding the products, because we are on it.

Urgent Cargo

We also provide air freight services for the packages that need to be delivered urgently. While maintaining the same level of care and precision, and the same uninterrupted customer support to keep you updated on the movement of your products. We ensure that we highly prioritize the land connections of these air freight parcels so that they reach their destination as soon as possible.

Different transportation solutions

NKCC as a total logistics solution provider also provide service to all customers for the domestic movement, to cater to and satisfy the complex industrial and commercial requirements of expanding economy and make the vast country seem smaller.



We provide truck, small transportation vehicles, partial truckload, and other methods of surface transportation. Road solutions ensure quick and reliable delivery, since our transportation partners make sure that your goods are prioritized during transportation. Full truck-load and partial truck-load services are the most common and also provide temperature-controlled shipment if necessary.



Our transportation partners providing freight rail services ensure that you get your goods securely, and at the best costs. We also ensure that there are no hassle in case of transfers, and handle the road transportation during the transit and switching ourselves, including the entire transportation in Nepal by road.



Our air freight partners provide many combinations of routes, and our managers are at the airport during loading and unloading of goods to make sure the operations are smooth and secure. Air freight, although more costly, provides speedy deliveries with 2-5 days.
To minimize your customs issues, NKCC Gives
Additional services that make shipping hassle-free:

Special Rates for bulk transshipments and frieghts

Our reliable Door to Door integrated logistic services takes care of the entire international Logistic for our valued customers whereby we collect the cargo from the exporter’s factory or warehouse and carry out the entire transportation process right up till the delivery to warehouse or factory of the buyer. The entire process involves Multimodal Transport operations that may involve some or all of the services like stuffing of cargo in containers, road haulage & custom clearance at both ends, sea transportation on mother vessel and feeder vessel, rail transportation and warehousing. Our customers opt for our integrated logistics solutions so that they don’t have to deal with many parties usually involved in movement of cargo and thus reduce overall transportation cost, reduce risk of damage to cargo and concentrate on their core business activity.

Personalize customer Care with TELE and WEB solutions

NKCC Offer addition to their clients for the documentation service. Which includes their Pre Shipment and post shipment Activities, and all D.G.F.T. Matter. This includes from first step of IEC Code procedure to Export Documentation to their post shipment document. This is a very specialized and knowledge based service that NKCC offers to its clients. The service entails advising and guiding clients on issues pertaining to Claiming Duty Drawbacks, DEPB verification, DEEC Audit, DFRC verification, Bond Cancellations and more. With a team of knowledge specialists, well versed in procedures and custom laws heading this function. Available at all locations the service is fast, relevant and it ensures that the relevant paperwork is complete, accurate and submitted to the appropriate authority on time. For all this, the customer has to incur a very low fee to avail of advice regarding any post shipment activity.